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  • Mark Wakely

I’m thinking about doing a podcast.

The first thing people say to me when I tell them what I do is, “I was thinking about doing a podcast but don’t know how to go about it”. Let me tell you it’s not as difficult as you would imagine. The tough bit is creating interesting and engaging content through a series of episodes. There are several answers to this conundrum but the best and easiest is to invite guests on to your podcast. If you are interested in the subject, then there will be others who are and have something to say as well. I have several clients who have registered on and have found guests for their podcast and have been guests on other podcasts. This is not only a great way to keep your content interesting and fresh, but they will often promote the episode within their network so gaining you new listeners. By being a guest on other peoples podcast you can also talk about your podcast to a new audience who are already podcast listeners. This is a proven way to grow your audience and gives you more credibility within the podcast community.

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